Beddgelert, Gwynned, Wales

Lots of space at Cae Du campsite for running around.
Lots of space at Cae Du campsite for running around.

Wales, and Snowdonia in particular, have been favourite destinations since I was a 10-year-old lad into skateboarding, going to cub scouts and reading the Beano comic.

Wales still has the power to draw me out of Yorkshire all these years on.

Our latest Wales venture took us to a campsite called Cae Du on the edge of Beddgelert, a small village in the Snowdonia area. It’s got a couple of pubs, a handful of shops and the Cae Du campsite.

We stopped for a couple of nights in the Bongo but then decided to clear off because the midges just would not stop attacking us at dusk. And they even turned up in the morning  for a nibble. Infuriating.

I have no idea whether midges are a year-round problem at Cae Du (I doubt it) but their presence ruined our two-night break. We had to spend most of the evening in the pub – major trauma – just to be away from the blighters.

Had it not been for the pubs we wouldn’t have lasted two minutes.

Enough moaning. And please don’t let our experience put you off from visiting.

Contact details:

Play time at Cae Du campsite, Snowdonia
Rear exit from the campsite. Easy walk into Beddgelert.

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