Another disastrous trip in the campervan



How many disastrous trips away with the kids do you have to suffer before throwing in the towel?

One? Five? More?

We spent two weeks on a Bongo trip to France which was pretty much non-stop chaos.

Harry, three, spent a lot of his time trying to break the van. He had some success in his quest when the registration plate snapped off in his hands.

When we got home Harry wanted to know when we would be going back as he’d had a great time.

We’d also suffered similarly disastrous trips to Wales, Robin’s Hoods Bay and the Lake District, each time choosing to sleep in the Bongo van.

We recently spent a single night in the Mazda Bongo at the lovely Masons campsite at Appletreewick in the Yorkshire Dales.

It wasn’t much fun for mum and dad. Harry wouldn’t go for a walk and whined pretty much all the time. We had to endure his grumbling and complaining during a meal in the local pub.

He then demanded to go back to the van to sleep. But when we got there he wouldn’t lay down in the £80 camp bed that we bought especially.

We all had to go to bed at 8pm. Lights out, no talking, no reading. I nodded off, only to wake a couple of hours later and was then unable to sleep for three hours.

Meanwhile, baby Lottie slept soundly.

Why do we put ourselves through this? Is it worth it?

I now understand why parents don’t do holidays. It breaks up the routine. You are essentially making work for yourself.

But, all things considered, these breaks in the Bongo are priceless. Two days after we got home, Harry was asking about a repeat trip.

“When are we going to go again?” he asked his mum.

“It was brilliant,” he added.

And that, in a nutshell, is why we do it.

To give them a love for the Great Outdoors. To give them an introduction to “roughing it”, stargazing, camping, watching birds, chatting to other campers, making do, cooking on a stove in the open, collecting sticks, jumping in mud, running through puddles, and much more.

Til our next trip…..



3 thoughts on “Another disastrous trip in the campervan

  1. Ha! I do recognise this feeling but It does get easier as they get bigger! Also if you do regular trips they get more used to the sleeping routine. But don’t go to sleep at same time as them, go to a campsite where you can have a fire and enjoy staring at the fire and looking at the stars!

    1. Hi Hazel. Thanks for the encouragement. We are going camping in France this summer, again with the little ones. My memory must have erased what happened on previous trips! Happy camping. PS: We still have the Bongo and I will probably get another when she gives up the ghost.

  2. dude, seriously… we have camped with all ours since they were born we had twins when the eldest was 18 months so 3 under 3 was exceptionally challenging, we had to wind our expectations right in and accept that we had to do things around the routine… I’m not saying I enjoyed it, we used to go mountaineering together and my needs were rarely met. It will improve, this year we are off to the Alps, the kids are are big and challenging in a different way but tough it out fella… the memories are worth it… ps… buy an awning!!! whole family in Bongo is not fun

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