Tips & comments – Bongo trips in Europe

* Oddly, we didn’t see a single Bongo or Ford Freda in six weeks on the Continent.

* If you buy wine for 2 euros (often in a 1.5 litre plastic container) from a budget supermarket, you may not enjoy it.

* Do not leave France without having eaten at least a dozen tarte aux fraises.

* Some camp sites are popular with mice. We saw one sneak into a German man’s ancient canvas tent.

* Be aware that some aires/overnight parking stops don’t have toilet facilities.

* We expected Slovenia to be cheap. It isn’t.

* Don’t forget about public holidays, e.g. Bastille Day (July 14) – not a good time to run out of cooking gas, we discovered.

* Some camp sites lower the exit barrier (and lock you in) at odd times. Don’t expect to quickly locate a staff member.

* Camp site owners will try to diddle you – make sure they know you don’t want electric hook-up (if that is the case).

Please email me with your comments, tips and suggestions….





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