The 3,000-mile route.

Kamperautoterrain at De Balokken, Belgium.
Kamperautoterrain at De Balokken, Belgium.

Day one took us from Huddersfield to Hull where we caught an overnight P&O ferry to Zeebrugge, Belgium. We found the ferry trip a very relaxing start to our six-week campervan adventure.

The rest of our trip unfolded as follows….

Day 2: Zeebrugge to Metz, France.Stayed overnight in a council car park – the free spots for campers were all full.

Day 3: Metz to Savigny-le-Sec, near Dijon. Found a lovely little aire which cost us just 3.5 euros.

Day 4: Savigny-le-Sec to Montferrat, 44km from Grenoble. Campsite

Day 5: Montferrat to Arvieux in the Haute-Alpes, near the Col d’Izoard.

Day 6: Arvieux to Borolo, Italy. Camping Sole Langhe.

Day 7: Borolo to Milan. Campsite Citta di Milano, near the San Siro stadium.

Day 8: Milan to Desenzano, Lake Garda.

Day 9: Lake Garda to Punta Sabbioni, near Venice. Camping Mose – we stayed here 3 nights as it’s a lovely spot.

Day 12: Punta Sabbioni to Dujceva Kamp, near the Skocjan caves, Slovenia.

Day 13: Dujceva to Kobarid. Lazar campsite.

Day 14: Kobarid to Lake Bohinj.

Day 15: Lake Bohinj to Berchtesgaden, Bavarian Alps, Germany.

Day 16: Berchtesgaden to near Munich.

Day 17: Munich to Colmar, France. Riverside campsite called D’Ill. Stopped two nights.

Day 19: Colmar to Ribeauville. Camping de 3 Chateaux. Stopped five nights – it was less than five euros a night!

Day 24: Ribeauville to Nancy. Brabois campsite. Stopped two nights.

Day 26: Nancy to Lac du Madine. Stopped in a lakeside car park for seven euros.

Day 27: Lac du Madine to Varennes en Argonne, near Verdun. Campsite called Paquis.

Day 28: Varennes en Argonne to Charleville-Mezieres. Le Mont Olympe campsite. Two night stop.

Day 30: Charleville-Mezieres to Peronne. Stayed at Etang du Broche municipal campsite.

Day 31: Peronne to Violaines. Stopped at Etang campsite – cheap and not so cheerful at five euros a night.

Day 32: Violaines to Bray-Dunes. Stayed at Camping Perroquet.

Day 33: Bray-Dunes to De Panne, Belgium. Stayed at Ter Hoeve campsite.

Day 34: De Panne to Bruges. Stayed at Memling campsite.

Day 35: Bruges to Zulte. Stayed at Kamperautoterrain (stopping point for campervans) for 3 nights for a total of five euros.

Day 38: Zulte to De Balokken, Wervik. Two nights at Kamperautoterrain.

Day 40: De Balokken to Bruges. One night at Memling campsite.

Day 41: Bruges to Zeebrugge. One night on the P&O ferry to Hull.

Day 42: Hull to Huddersfield and home.


2 thoughts on “The 3,000-mile route.

  1. Hey Andrew,
    I enjoyed reading about your experiences. It brought back great memories and I’m hooked on the idea of camping in Europe.
    My first camper was a vw Kombi bought in Holland in 1990. We toured western Europe for 3 months and then spent 8 weeks in England Scotland Ireland and Wales. Left hand drive on the wrong side of the road! That was a long time before blogs etc. In 2009 we hired a dutch camper (pretty fancy one) and toured for 8 weeks around Holland, France, Switzerland, Italy and Germany with our teenaged kids. It was an awesome trip and we loved the European campsite thing. We also discovered the joys of cheap vs expensive, good vs evil showers etc. This year we had two weeks of camping around the south of France and discovered more about ourselves and the culture of France. Cheapest beer was 29 eurocents for a can of Finkbrau at a supermarket.
    Here’s 2 links to our travel blogs and thanks for checking out my photography blog.

    regards Peter de Jong (Sydney, Australia)

  2. Thanks for looking Peter. I LOVE your photographs on both your blogs. What kind of camera do you use? Do you prefer WordPress? I am thinking of another blog that will be photo-led. Just weighing up the options. It will mostly be photos of abandoned buildings and rusting cars; it sums up the state the nation is in, or at least my mood!

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